The Guardian have produced an article detailing the importance of using mystery shoppers in order to improve the customer experience. Mystery shoppers are  undercover customers who are recruited to evaluate a particular service, or service process against a number of predetermined service standards. We provide this service here at Shelfwatch.

The article featured numerous different business owners sharing their experiences and thoughts on why using mystery shoppers can be so useful.

Brian Jones, Operations Director of the watch repair retailer In-Time, used mystery shoppers to turn around his company’s customer service.

“Early on in the mystery shopping programme we noticed that our staff didn’t respond very quickly to approaching customers,” says Jones. “They felt they were being disturbed when customers were coming up to them at the counter. We had to change the culture and instil the importance of reacting quickly, maintaining eye contact and having good communication skills.”

The use of mystery shoppers also helped him to diagnose a problem with upselling. “We noticed that often a customer would come in for a battery replacement and their watch strap would be falling to bits and staff would overlook this. We alerted all our staff that it’s their job is to react to what customers need even if the customer hasn’t picked up on it yet.”

The owner of Face Values beauty salon also shared her story in the article. “I can’t be in the room with my therapists but this gives me a way of double checking they’re doing the right things. You can get complacent. It’s given me insight into how my different therapists work. They did pull us up when a therapist failed to advise the client that they should not go swimming or sunbathe soon after [using one of our products]. It gives us a push.”

You can read the full article that appeared in The Guardian here.

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