As more of us change our shopping habits and smartphones and tablets become a more common way to buy goods and services these new shopping habits are set to increase five fold over the next decade according to expert research.

As Amazon have announced that they may take shopping sci-fi with drone deliveries we continue to spend almost £10 billion on our mobile devices. But by 2024 that number could be £52.6 billion experts predict. On the other side of the coin only one in five people believe that sales made on line can be profitable. Those high street retailers with online sales portals have seen a huge increase in sales made on mobile and tablets with some pundits even predicting that tablets and smartphone sales will soon overtake sales made on the traditional desktop or laptop computer.

The head of wholesale and retail at Barclays, Richard Lowe has said that the size of the retail opportunity is clear for everyone to see. “ The question every retailer should be asking themselves is what they are doing about it to not only satisfy today’s consumer, but also tomorrow’s.”

The number of tablet users has, according to figures, doubled for two years now, year on year with figures showing that almost half of adults are now tablet owners. Smartphones are owned by over 60% of the population, a figure that is expected to rise to 75% by the year 2019.

Another trend that reatilers have reported is that shoppers are using their smartphones to scan items in store so that they can compare prices. Right on this trend are Currys PC World who have developed an app so that their customer can compare their prices with prices of the same items on Amazon.

There is no doubt that times are changing and merchants will need to change with them.