After we reported on the industrial action being taken by staff at Dunnes’ Stores Supermarket chain there has apparently been no let up in the discord between the staff and management of the store.

Workers are apparently now preparing to ratchet up their action against the Irish owned supermarket. Mandate, the union that supports around two thirds of the Dunnes staff, have held a special ‘disputes committee’ meeting in Dublin to review the situation.

The special committee is made up of shop stewards from various branches of the chain from towns all over the country. It is expected that there will be a vote on continuing industrial action at the meeting. It is thought that future industrial action may take the form of one day strikes or even an all out dispute with the management of the stores.

Speaking to the ‘This Week’ programme on RTE Radio the Mandate General Secretary John Douglas confirmed that the meeting would decide on what action the members would be taking to escalate the action against Dunnes. Mr Douglas said that the members would use the meeting to decide what the best course of action to take would be. He confirmed that high on the list of probabilities was a series of one day strikes by staff or that the whole dispute might be escalated to more action. He said that it would be for the staff to decide.

Some staff from Dunnes had complained that management had targeted them for the stand that they were taking and Mr Douglas confirmed that the union were seeking legal advice about these claims on behalf of the staff concerned.

For now it seems there is little hope of an early resolution to this on-going disputebetween Dunnes and its staff. We will keep you informed of developments as they happen.