tesco_5-a-day-map-portrait-353x500We all know that we should be eating our five a day of fruit and vegetables. But you might not know that the favourite fruit and veg in Ireland varies widely from county to county.

In Offaly they can’t get enough potatoes and swedes, whereas Sligonians can’t resist chillies and fresh herbs. In Donegal it is all about the berries, oranges and sweet potato. It is supermarket chain Tesco that have spilled the beans about the most purchased greens in their stores, county-by-county, revealing that Dubliners are giving cabbage and apple the elbow in favour of kale and avocado.

Bananas are the top banana in stores with over 70 million bought very year coming top of the fruit pops in most counties although they miss out in Clare, Donegal,

Galway, Kildare and Mayo which favour fresh berries over bananas in their shopping baskets. Over the entire country cauliflower and kale are the least popular in shopping baskets. But with food trends for 2015 tipping cauliflower as an up coming favourite all that could soon change.

Nutritionist Elsa Jones commented that it is still important to get your fruit and vegetables to keep you healthy. She said that it was encouraging to see that Irish people were enjoying a wide variety of fruit and vegetable in their weekly shopping baskets adding that getting five-a-day was one of the most important things that anyone could do to help improve and maintain good health. She added that it was also very important that it was also very important to look at eating different coloured fruits and vegetables because each one provided a different type of nutrient.

“Eating the colours of the rainbow every day was a great way to ensure that all the nutrients provided by the full spectrum of coloured fruits is enjoyed”,

she said. “For optimal health, aim to eat the five colours of the rainbow every day – red, orange, yellow, green and purple.”