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As part of our retail auditing service we offer a Space Compliance Auditing service.
Are you getting the correct amount of category space that you are paying for or that you deserve because of your sales figures and brands? Auditing the retail space that your products are allocated ensures that you are.

Specifically this service includes the following elements;
A record of the number of facings
In store photographic evidence
Space allocated per brand
Photographic evidence of potential store space

Our reporting service provides information on the following;
Space per Channel/Category/Brand/SKU
 Location Type
Promotion Mechanic
 Photos per store
 Additional comments

This information can be reported in isolation or can be correlated with existing sales/marketing data to provide more informed reporting and actionable insights.

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What you can expect from us

We use the latest hand-held mobile technology to ensure that all data & information is recorded accurately. Our objective is always to meet your requirements within the agreed timeframe and to cover 100% of the outlets within our network or client specified callfile.