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As part of our retail auditing service we offer a full price and feature auditing service.
Checking prices in stores on a regular basis helps companies to maintain their competitive pricing strategy. SELs with the correct prices are a vital part of the selling process and are legally required.

Our nationwide team of auditors provides you with up-to-date information regarding your pricing across the retail landscape making any errors in your product pricing easily identifiable. In some cases we audit pricing across the category, therefor allowing comparative analysis against competitor pricing. Our insight helps show you where action is required.

Auditing which features are activated in store can give you real time insight into what your consumers are actually experiencing, which manufacturers are promoting and where.

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What you can expect from us

We use the latest hand-held mobile technology to ensure that all data & information is recorded accurately. Our objective is always to meet your requirements within the agreed timeframe and to cover 100% of the outlets within our network or client specified callfile.