Field Marketing

> Product Launches & Recall

As part of a package of field marketing activity we can assist with seasonal promotions and other brand development activities such as new product launches.

Activity surrounding new product launches utilises a combination of our Sales & Merchandising blitz services to help you gain significant traction in a short time frame.

Product Recall
If you are faced with the issues that a product recall can raise, we understand that you will want to act as quickly as possible and our nationwide network allows us to act swiftly on the ground on your behalf. We offer a complete service that manages the recall of a product across your full supply chain. This helps reduce your workload and allows you to focus on what’s really important.

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What you can expect from us

We use the latest hand-held mobile technology to ensure that all data & information is recorded accurately. Our objective is always to meet your requirements within the agreed timeframe and to cover 100% of the outlets within our network.