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Our Market Research services provide accurate and timely market insights. Customer Views & Perception Surveys are an ideal method of collecting aggregate quantitative & qualitative data designed to hone in on what is really important to your customers.

What do you need to know?

Do you want to know what customers really think about your product/service? Perhaps you want to know what they would like from your product/service? Interviewing your customers face to face gives you insight into exactly what they think and feel.

Shelfwatch assists companies in determining and measuring customer satisfaction, loyalty, perceptions, awareness and campaign effectiveness. Whether you need to talk to a sample of shoppers, employees, students etc, we have the capacity to interview them and the technology to compile comprehensive and accurate reports.

The information we collect aids in making the correct product, promotional and pricing decisions while minimising the risk of expensive incorrect decisions.

Our Research helps you to…

Identify customer needs and wants
Reveal unfulfilled needs
Determine if your product or service meets customer needs
Identify the competition’s strengths and weaknesses
Identify potential target markets

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What you can expect from us

We use the latest hand-held mobile technology to ensure that all data & information is recorded accurately. Our objective is always to meet your requirements within the agreed timeframe and to cover 100% of the outlets within our network.