Service: Space Compliance Audit

Client: A global food & drinks company


 467 stores nationwide, over a 3 week period
 To audit actual space breakdown in impulse chillers vs. Neilson
 Record number of facings
 Photographs of every chiller within the store
 Report Space per Sector, Space by Manufacturer, Photos by Store, Calls Completed, calls not completed and why, time per call, POS Places, Comment report for deviations from brief.

Equipment: Hand-help technology used for recording store information and taking photographs.

Results: 100% store coverage in 3 weeks, and all report deadlines met.

Service: Product & Feature Audit

Client: A major dairy Company


 100 Supervalu stores nationwide, twice over a 2 month period
 To audit actual space given in each store
 Record the bay size per store, no. of products on display
 Photographs of product space and feature displays
 A report for each visit

Equipment: Hand-held technology used for recording store information and taking photographs

Results: 100% store coverage daily, weekly and monthly report deadlines met.

Service: Mystery Shopping – 100% Covert

Client: Leading High Street Financial Institution


 To fully manage an ongoing Mystery Shopping campaign in both own and competitor branches.
 Approximately 200 stores covered per quarter.
 Recruit Staff to specific demographic requirements.
 Report back on all aspects of Customer.
 Service and selling processes.

Equipment: Online reporting.

Results: 100% completion rate at all times with in depth feedback returned to client to aid with training and development of staff and product offerings.

Service: Mystery Shopping, Covert and Reveal

Client: Entertainment Provider


 To fully manage a Mystery Shopping campaign in conjunction with Client and selected Centra Stores
 100 stores covered over 4 Monday’s
 Check Compliance of Promotion
 If promotion complaint, store assistant awarded prize and photograph taken
 Real-time feedback of calls completed or difficulties encountered and photographs

Equipment: Hand-held technology used for recording store information and taking photographs.

Results: 100% completion rate, and weekly reports produced and sent by Tuesday lunch time following each Monday’s activity.

Service: Customer Perception Surveys

Client: Catering and Managed Services Provider


To interview customers of client, to gain understanding of customers perceptions of their products and service.
Approximately 150 customer surveys, over 4 and a half hours.
 Report back on all aspects of Customer Service and selling processes.

Equipment: Hand-held technology used for recording each customer survey.

Results: 100% strike rate with in depth reports returned within 24 hours of completion.

What you can expect from us

We use the latest hand-held mobile technology to ensure that all data & information is recorded accurately. Our objective is always to meet your requirements within the agreed timeframe and to cover 100% of the outlets within our network.